*tanginang 56K, putrages na AOhell

ack…home in LA. just came home from two grad parties: Ai’s and Tinz’. i called jon up to get directions to ai’s house from vermont at 3pm. so i was waiting for him, and just turned on the TV and tuned in TFC. ai then calls me back at 5pm from jon’s phone to give me directions…as soon as she hung up, the PBA governor’s cup came on: Talk ‘N Text vs. Fedex. Talk ‘N Text won. i was watching the game, and was just thinking to myself, “why is everyone on slow motion?” it seems that most of the players don’t hustle enough, the play like it’s their 5th pick-up game starting from tip-off. anyways, i looked at the clock and it was 7:30pm—and headed to ai’s. lot’s of good food of course, especially the Loom-Pi-Ah. got stuffed, and 30 minutes later, headed to tinz’ hood down i chestnut, i meant walnut.

so we got there around 9ish, went up the hills where the rich ppl lived at. as we got in her backyard, it looked like a friggin’ reunion…lots of people and lots of good food—again (e.g. i got two plate full of palabok…yum). i took hella random pictures which i’ll post later when i head on to irvine b/c 56k sucks crap w/ aohell. as time went by, the dj started spinning at 11pm…which was pretty late, but i guess the neighbors were there too at the party. as the music played, la familia rolled by…and todo todo played as well as macarena. it was fun and everyone was having a good time.

an hour past and we decided to get going. as we were leaving, hella fools (prolly highschoolers) tried to crash the party. gotta get big ups to ed “the buff man” alegre for regulating them foos along w/ others for their help to keep it a non-knucklehead party. as we were leaving, jon, jovan and i decided to walk cicely to her car so she doesn’t get sweated by the smart asses who are crashing. we get in cicely’s car, and jon noticed that cicely forgot to put her modeling clothes away… i didn’t know what kind of clothes were lying around in her car, but all of a sudden, jovan (drunk as hell) decides to pull one of cicely’s dress… and sniffed it like folger’s coffee! haha…good times.

so, i’m here now in LA… it’s 2am and i still have another load for laundry. i guess that’s what stood out for the haps today. so, adios and happy 4th of july weekend.

ps. i gotta give props to cicely for being one of the few girls i know who can drive hella fast on the freeway. big ups!!!