all-star tuesday

kel came over hearth­stone today, using us for our cable con­nec­tion 🙂 any­ways, we (john­john, jon, jevon-the-sick-bas­tard‑, kel and i) went to L&< down in har­bor blvd. for some good hawai­ian food. on our way, we hit major traf­fic. i ordered a small kat­su and 2 spam musubis along with my cup of water. as usu­al, i only got to eat the rice, the mac­aron­ni sal­ad, 4 pieces of chick­en kat­su, and one spam musubi; and took home the rest for din­ner.

on our way back to the apt. we decid­ed to stop by DVD Plan­et since we were in the area already. all i can say is “da bomb-diggety”. every­thing you could pos­si­bly think of… even the adult sec­tion was stacked. with not enough mon­ey to buy shit, we just left the place emp­ty-hand­ed :\

on anoth­er note, it was tues­day-pick­up bball at the spring­brook park with some puso/kaba alum­nis and friends. it was cool play­ing with these fools… it’s just all for fun. no one to impress but our­selves 🙂 props to the team that did­n’t get beat­en once today.

after that, jevon, jovan and i went to our (sigep bro) jimar’s 21st birth­day at el tori­to. being it taco tues­day as well, jovan and i pigged out on 3 and 2 chick­en tacos respec­tive­ly… mmm mmm good! but the high­light of that din­ner was prob­a­bly jimar tak­ing shot after shot and get­ting plas­tered in about 30–45 min­utes.

these leaves it to me, here and now… just chill­in’ after clean­ing up my room and putting my clean clothes away; i can final­ly use my laun­dry bas­ket for my dirty clothes—woohoo. any­ways, i’ma stop yap­pin’ now and do some web surf­ing. i’m going to help out kel­ly tomor­row with her funkanom­e­try web project. aiiitttee…peace out.

ps. WTF! all-star base­ball game end­ed at the 11th with a tie (7–7) due to “not hav­ing enough play­ers?!?!” WTF!

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