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  • The Style Contest

    Six Apart, Adobe and Style Master sponsors The Style Contest. So what is it exactly about? Well, plain and simple—because “Design matters.”

  • Yahoo! Publisher Network Blog Launches

    Just got an announcement from YPN that they have launched the Yahoo! Publisher Network Blog. This blog is intended to be the Yahoo! Publisher Network resource for publishers, by publishers. In it, you’ll find not only what you might expect from a product-focused industry blog—the latest on issues, new releases, and tips—but also in-depth how-to’s,…

  • Flagr Goes Live!

    I just received an email from the friendly peeps of Flagr with great news that they just went Live! This might be a promising piece of cookie. Go check ’em out. Signup for an account over at: http://www.flagr.com/account/sign_up Some info about Flagr from Techcrunch’s writeup: Flagr was founded by Matt Colyer, David Wurtz adn Cole…

  • Veerle Got a New Groove

    Awesomeness is probably the word that I can describe Veerle Pieters‘ redesigned blog. I found a reference to the news via Bryan Veloso‘s “resignation“. Mothafreakers… I usually head over to Veerle’s for some illustration tutorials and ideas, but oh-my-gosh-o-golly, she trully has raised the bar another notch (or two or three).

  • Box.net Relaunches

    I was fortunate enough to get invited by Aaron Levie to test Box.net‘s “Early Adaptor Preview” this past weekend. I couldn’t blurt anything till after the 22nd about it. But yah, I almost forgot as I’ve been busy enjoying my Monday off from work. Anyways, so far so good. Here’s a couple of my findings…