Yahoo! Publisher Network Blog Launches

Just got an announcement from YPN that they have launched the Yahoo! Publisher Network Blog.

This blog is intended to be the Yahoo! Publisher Network resource for publishers, by publishers. In it, you’ll find not only what you might expect from a product-focused industry blog—the latest on issues, new releases, and tips—but also in-depth how-to’s, publisher interviews, industry trends, links to articles and other news and information you can use. You will also, we think, find a community that will help you to learn how to be a more successful and profitable publisher.

With certain page elements like a callout and a “Zeitgeist”, it seems apparent that they’re promoting their new babies: and Flickr. Not to mention, a quick CTRL+U (or CTRL+SHIFT+U) exposes:

I guess Matt Mullenweg and team would be happy with that.