Yahoo! Publisher Network Blog Launches

Just got an announce­ment from YPN that they have launched the Yahoo! Pub­lish­er Net­work Blog.

This blog is intend­ed to be the Yahoo! Pub­lish­er Net­work resource for pub­lish­ers, by pub­lish­ers. In it, you’ll find not only what you might expect from a prod­uct-focused indus­try blog—the lat­est on issues, new releas­es, and tips—but also in-depth how-to’s, pub­lish­er inter­views, indus­try trends, links to arti­cles and oth­er news and infor­ma­tion you can use. You will also, we think, find a com­mu­ni­ty that will help you to learn how to be a more suc­cess­ful and prof­itable pub­lish­er.

With cer­tain page ele­ments like a call­out and a “Zeit­geist”, it seems appar­ent that they’re pro­mot­ing their new babies: and Flickr. Not to men­tion, a quick CTRL+U (or CTRL+SHIFT+U) expos­es:

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0.2" /><!&#8212; leave this for stats &#8212;>

I guess Matt Mul­len­weg and team would be hap­py with that.

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