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  • Quick News on iPods, the Web and on the Streets

    Today was the first day of the Apple Expo in Europe, Paris to be exact. I was hoping that Steve Jobs would be announcing the new “Core 2 Duo”-based Macbooks. But alas, that speculation wasn’t even close. His announcement weighed more heavily in the release of products from the iPod family, then the release of…

  • Amazon Launches aStore Beta

    Just received news through the Amazon Associates Team that their aStore has gone to beta. What is it? aStore vastly expands on our current link type offerings by giving you the ability to build a dedicated shopping area that can be embedded within, or linked to from, your website. … Build your own professional online…

  • Holy Blingo!

    Got another one =)

  • Blingo! Blingo! Blingo!

    Yahtzee! Just in time for those summer box-office hits. I’ll probably use it for Superman on IMAX. That bad boy costs $15 at Loews Metreon. If you haven’t heard of Blingo.com yet it ain’t too late. So go ahead, start using Blingo.com. You win, I win… we all win!

  • Sweet PICT*RE

    Right on, right on! I haven’t checked the web “lately” but I got a dope comment from Henning (aka. atomtigerzoo) in Flickr just yesterday. Seems like the photo above (Departing San Francisco) was selected and published on the release of Pict*re Magazine – Volume Two! I’m totally stoked =p