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  • An August Sunday, East of the Barrio

    Blessed with a blue sky and fluffy clouds after weeks of rain, I figure I take the GoPro for another spin and a time-lapse of the Barrio. I faced this one towards the east, overlooking Pasig Proper (Downtown) and part of C5. This has a total of 217 photos, each taken at a 30-second interval.…

  • A July Sunday in the Barrio

    Was looking outside the window and noticed that it’s going to be a gorgeous Sunday. So I decided to test out my new GoPro’s timelapse. First one I have ever done. I still have to figure out how to make a 127-degree FoV vs. this 170. Anyways, I have it take a photo every 30-seconds;…

  • ASICS “Stop at Never” Campaign

    ASICS “Stop at Never” Campaign

    Diggin’ the ASICS Spring 2012 Campaign, and apparently so does FWA. Checkout the campaign site visuals:

  • World of Red Bull Commercial

    World of Red Bull Commercial


  • The Right Way to Take Videos?

    The Right Way to Take Videos?

    There has been a disturbance in the Force lately. People have been shooting videos on their mobile phones… in portrait mode!