An Ode to UX Designers

One can go to the web and try to find a def­i­n­i­tion for User-Expe­ri­ence Design. They’ll find results such as this:

User expe­ri­ence (UX) is about how a per­son feels about using a prod­uct, sys­tem or ser­vice. User expe­ri­ence high­lights the expe­ri­en­tial, affec­tive, mean­ing­ful and valu­able aspects of human-com­put­er inter­ac­tion and prod­uct own­er­ship, but it also includes a person’s per­cep­tions of the prac­ti­cal aspects such as util­i­ty, ease of use and effi­cien­cy of the sys­tem. User expe­ri­ence is sub­jec­tive in nature, because it is about an individual’s feel­ings and thoughts about the sys­tem. User expe­ri­ence is dynam­ic, because it changes over time as the cir­cum­stances change.

But some­times, ani­ma­tions can do more. Here’s a cou­ple by lyle on Vimeo.




Buck 65 Music Video Treatment by Travis Hopkins

Check out this video with dope typo­graph­ic-motion treat­ment by Travis Hop­kins, BUCK 65 “Super­stars Don’t Love”.

This is a spec­u­la­tive music video I made for The Leg­endary Buck 65. It is com­prised of over 60 fic­tion­al movie title cards inspired by the lyrics of the track “Super­stars Don’t Love” off Buck­’s 2011 release “20 Odd Years”.

Pon de Floor

What is so addict­ing with this dope-ass beat?!

I heard it first with Major Laz­er’s “Pon de Floor”.

Then lat­er last year in 2010, Did­dy-Dirty Mon­ey’s “Ass On The Floor”.
YouTube Preview Image

And recent­ly, Bey­on­ce’s “Run The World (Girls)”.
YouTube Preview Image

What­ev­er it is—dope beat is dope.

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Bambu’s “Something” Music Video

Caught sight of this from the home­girl Tri­cia:

In Bam’s words: “Some­thing” is a song that was released this past March, dur­ing Women’s His­to­ry Month in hopes of rais­ing aware­ness about vio­lence against women. These are the accom­pa­ny­ing visu­als, by Oishi Media, star­ring Tep Castil­lo. The Hip Hop com­mu­ni­ty rarely takes a firm stance against such issues and often times cel­e­brates such acts – “… all I heard was Pop­pa don’t hit me no more…” This song will be includ­ed on the re-release of Exact Change on the bonus disc titled, Short Changed drop­ping on April 29th.

Tell me this doesn’t hit you to the core.

Here’s the video “Some­thing” by Bam­bu.

YouTube Preview Image

PS. Some behind-the-scenes from Tri­cia over here.