The Right Way to Take Videos?

There has been a disturbance in the Force lately. People have been shooting videos on their mobile phones… in portrait mode!

Maybe this is just a personal pet-peeve, but please—take videos in landscape mode. Though there are times a scene can be shot in portrait, ((Literally, portraits in portrait mode.)) most of the stuff we shoot never do fall in that category.

So why record in landscape mode? Because most of us watch videos on our TV/monitors in landscape orientation. ((It’s also easier to edit footage that has been shot regularly vs this orthodox style.))

I’m sure there are more studies about this as its contributing to global warming. I am pretty sure also that wars have been started because of it. Just sayin’… We are all in this together. Help those in need.

Just a memo.

PS. I made a cheat sheet below as well in case of emergency. Well, something like a cheat sheet ^^

Say NO to Vertical Video Syndrom – A PSA