Category: Videography

  • Opening Title Screens from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

    Simple, and nicely blended. I always rewatch this movie to refuel the travel bug, get inspiration, and have a nice, quality relax-time with visuals.

  • Thanks Apple, For Recording in Landscape!

    Thanks Apple, For Recording in Landscape!

    Apple recently just posted a new visual for their latest iPad Air. It features a voice-over from Robin Williams, from his character (John Keating) in Dead Poets Society–a classic! [youtube][/youtube]

  • Mountain Dew’s Living Portrait Campaign

    I drank some Mountain Dew when I was younger, till the likes of Red Bull/5-hour Energy came about. I remember Mountain Dew as that was in Tom Cruise’s “Days of Thunder”. Remember that movie? Anyways, I’m digging this campaign by Mountain Dew, entitled “Living Portrait”, showing of the brand’s All-Stars. [youtube][/youtube]

  • Color Grading Film with VSCO Film

    [vimeo][/vimeo] Tutorial on color grading film with VSCO Film, by Moetic Films. This one is using Aperture & Final Cut Pro X, but the concept should be general on whichever tools you use. There are more editing techniques and workflow help via VSCO Film’s support pages located here. Source: Moetic Films

  • Make It Count

    What would you do if Nike gave you a large sum of money to make a visual ad for their new product (Nike Fuel Band)? Of course, it’s a no-brainer, go around the World and live Life!