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Interchangeable Shadow Reflection


Gold­en Pur­ple Thai by stechico.

Had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to go to the City and do some errands. Also grabbed a cou­ple of things from URBN with some gift cards I final­ly found. After, I got hun­gry and head­ed up the hill to King Thai aka. “Pur­ple Thai” as we refer to it.

So, while look­ing at the pho­to more, it got me think­ing deep. It’s kind of like “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” shorts. A reflec­tion can be a shad­ow(?). But can a shad­ow be a reflec­tion, or is it mere­ly just itself—a shad­ow? “Things that make you go… hmmm.” What say you?

Osha Elephants


Asha Osha Ele­phants by stechico.

Besides the great and tasty food that they offer, Asha Osha — Thai Restau­rant has a lot of ele­phant figurines/statues as decor. This set was a “dou­ble-take.”

After call­ing it “Asha” for the past few months, I final­ly got the cor­rect spelling from a friend. It’s actu­al­ly “Osha”.

Free Parking and Consequence

Free Parking and Consequence

Free Park­ing and Con­se­quence by stechico.

So last Fri­day, I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take PTO (Per­son­al Time Off) from work to go do some check­ups and stuff. After doing those, I then went to the city to find me a bag for my new toy. One of those shops I went to was Adolph Gasser’s.

I won­der, are you con­sid­ered a cus­tomer if you don’t buy any­thing in the store? From the def­i­n­i­tion of what a cus­tomer is (one that buys goods or ser­vices), it seems that you have to do “busi­ness” with the store or ven­dor. I guess if you don’t, you’re just a waste of “space.”

Here’s what Juan have to say about it:

juan (12:59:30 AM): so by your def­i­n­i­tion if i park in a “park­ing for cus­tomers only” space, I am by law of the sign oblig­at­ed to buy some­thing
me (1:01:08 AM): i guess
juan (1:02:31 AM): so if you dont buy any­thing, they can tow you
juan (1:02:45 AM): that’s F’d up

…and there you have it folks, great words from a great man.

H&M San Francisco, Just Your Average Opening?


H&M SF Grand Open­ing by stechico.

Talk about your reg­u­lar Sat­ur­day morn­ing… I went to the city to hang out with some peeps and roll to the H&M Grand Open­ing (150 Pow­ell St.). I got to Pow­ell St. ter­mi­nal via BART around 9:45am. As you walk up the hill, you can already see the chaos. Hun­dreds were already lined up antic­i­pat­ing the store’s rib­bons to be cut.

The cops, heli­copters and secu­ri­ty guards were out in force to keep an eye on things, and keep order. It was no sur­prise that this thing was a great Grand Open­ing. H&M did a won­der­ful job spread­ing the word about their first instal­la­tions on the west coast.

They kept the crowd (lined up around the block, lit­er­al­ly) in order by hav­ing secu­ri­ty guards act as “line mon­i­tors” perse. This gave cut­ters the wrong idea, and kept things fair for every­one who have been wait­ing there for a long time. I over­heard peo­ple say­ing that the aver­age wait was 1–2 hours dur­ing the morn­ing. That’s just too crazy.

So, I skipped that morn­ing fias­co and head­ed over to grab some brunch at King of Thai (aka. King Thai, or Pur­ple Thai between my cowork­ers and I). After get­ting some chick­en satay, hop­ing over to the dif­fer­ent stores in the area and some refresh­ments, we head­ed over to the H&M line.

The time is now 2:30pm. It was­n’t as bad as the secu­ri­ty guard said it was about a 10 minute wait now. But low and behold, we got in the store in less than 5 min­utes. The inside, well… that’s anoth­er sto­ry.

It was just com­plete pan­de­mo­ni­um. Imag­ine shop­ping dur­ing Christ­mas Eve, only in Novem­ber. It was freak­ing hot, humid and stuffy. It felt like Sum­mer time all over again.

Mean­while, after an hour of brows­ing the men’s sec­tion, I came up emp­ty hand­ed. Noth­ing real­ly caught my eye, except for some nice suits that were just not jus­ti­fi­able for me to get at the moment. I haven’t even worn one since Liz & Joel’s Wed­ding two weeks ago, and dur­ing my inter­views back in Feb­ru­ary-March.

Any­ways, I fig­ured that every­one who shopped today at H&M would prob­a­bly be wear­ing the same clothes this week. That’s just gonna be hilar­i­ous. So for those who work and live in/near the city, be on a look out for peo­ple wear­ing the same H&M cloth­ing next to each oth­er. Take a pho­to if you can. HA!