Quick News on iPods, the Web and on the Streets

Today was the first day of the Apple Expo in Europe, Paris to be exact. I was hop­ing that Steve Jobs would be announc­ing the new “Core 2 Duo”-based Mac­books. But alas, that spec­u­la­tion was­n’t even close.

His announce­ment weighed more heav­i­ly in the release of prod­ucts from the iPod fam­i­ly, then the release of iTunes 7. Here’s the break­down of the new fea­tures per iPod fam­i­ly mem­ber:


  • 60% brighter dis­play
  • 75% longer video bat­tery life
  • Gap­less play­back
  • Excit­ing new games
  • Search and Quick Scrolling
  • New head­phones
  • $249 for 30GB
  • $349 for 80GB

iPod Nano, 2nd Gen­er­a­tion:

  • Made of thin­ner alu­minum
  • Col­ors of blue, pink, green, sil­ver and black
  • 40% brighter dis­play
  • 24 hour bat­tery life
  • Gap­less play­back
  • Search and Quick Scrolling
  • New head­phones
  • $149 for 2GB (sil­ver), $199 for 4GB (blue, pink, green and sil­ver) and $249 for 8GB (black)

iPod Shuf­fle, 2nd Gen­er­a­tion:

  • World’s small­est MP3 play­er
  • Alu­minum case with clip
  • 1GB — up to 240 songs
  • 12 hour bat­tery life
  • USB 2.0
  • Dock & ear­buds includ­ed
  • $79

I’m eye­ing that Shuf­fle for $79. Seems rea­son­able and func­tion­al if you play sports; espe­cial­ly when you run a lot.

Any­ways, besides Mr. Jobs announce­ment, a cou­ple of the MA folks and I will be attend­ing Car­son Work­shop’s Sum­mit: The Future of Web Apps tomor­row and Thurs­day. Should be some inter­est­ing and excit­ing time. It’s just too bad I don’t have a Mac­book (yet) so I can look as cool as those tech­f­reaks attend­ing. Oh well, I hope this Dell Lat­i­tude loan­er can do the job of writ­ing notes and check­ing email.

The Future of Web Apps

History is Written by the Victors

As I was walk­ing from the Trans­bay Ter­mi­nal to work, it dawned upon me that for the past week instead of tun­ing in to the hun­dreds of songs in my iPod, I found myself atten­tive­ly lis­ten­ing to Dan Brown’s The Da Vin­ci Code. I recall buy­ing the book a bit after watch­ing the final chap­ter of The MatrixRev­o­lu­tions years ago.

After the mid­night show­ing, as we were going back to our apart­ment, Cesar men­tioned a rela­tion of the ideas and sym­bol­ism that were described in The Da Vin­ci Code book, and of that in which he saw after expe­ri­enc­ing The Matrix Tril­o­gy. At first, I said, “are you on crack? It’s just a sci-fi flick that was writ­ten well and sprin­kled with a lot of action scenes and well-inte­grat­ed CG ani­ma­tion.” Well, it was­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly those exact words but some­thing along those lines.

Any­ways, after that, I went to Cost­co the next day and bought a copy the book. A mere $15 for a hard-cov­er. I start­ed read­ing it right away. Then, the end­less wave of projects hit.

Fast-for­ward to now, about 2+ years lat­er, I cracked open the book and saw that I was on Chap­ter 18. Not since recent­ly, have I had the same enthu­si­asm to final­ly read the whole darn thing. Mean­while, this past week­end, I came upon an audio­book ver­sion of it and synched it with my iPod. From there on, it’s noth­ing but the bus, the walk, the iPod and the nar­ra­tor.

From my mind to yours, it makes me sad when I hear my friends read this book with­in the span of 2 days. So sad.

Note: Check out the trail­er if you haven’t seen it yet.

iPod Video

iPod 5G Video

The iPod 5G (aka. Video) is sup­pose to drop in stores this week. What the heck was Apple think­ing by doing this? I mean come on, it has­n’t even been a year since the iPod Nanos dropped, and here its—the new 5G!

Besides that, I am won­der­ing whether upgrad­ing to a 30GB 5G is even worth it and a smarth move. The pros that I see with the 5G over my Pho­to would prob­a­bly be:

  • the video of course!
  • lighter and small­er form fac­tor
  • sleek­er design

And the cons would be:

  • the price dif­fer­ence I’ll need to cov­er when I upgrade
  • time it’ll take me to re-orga­nize and synch with the new iPod and my PC
  • the mon­ey I need to spend in terms of acces­sories for it (i.e. cov­er, fm trans­mit­ter, etc.)
  • acces­sories that used the top-con­nec­tor would be abso­lete with it

I guess one major fac­tor that needs to be addressed would be, “will I even enjoy watch­ing a movie for 1–3 hours on a 2.5‑inch, 320 x 240 pix­el dis­play?” Right now, I don’t think so. Just imag­ine hold­ing your iPod and hav­ing it in a com­fort­able posi­tion were your neck won’t be sore after watch­ing a movie. I just can not see any sce­nar­ios right now were this would be ben­e­fi­cial.

Besides, I just freak­ing went eBay crazy these past cou­ple of days. They were most­ly sport­ing good pur­chas­es con­sist­ing of the fol­low­ing:

  • Colum­bia 300 Ric­o­chet Rebound Bowl­ing Ball (14lbs. 3oz.)
  • Mizuno Crush 2 Base­ball Bat (34 inch­es, 27 ounces)
  • Knobcuffs (for my bats)

Not to men­tion, I’m look­ing into invest­ing into some seri­ous glass for my pho­tog­ra­phy addic­tion. Alas, tech­nol­o­gy… it gets bet­ter by the minute. I just hope peo­ple do as well.