iPod Video

iPod 5G Video

The iPod 5G (aka. Video) is suppose to drop in stores this week. What the heck was Apple thinking by doing this? I mean come on, it hasn’t even been a year since the iPod Nanos dropped, and here its—the new 5G!

Besides that, I am wondering whether upgrading to a 30GB 5G is even worth it and a smarth move. The pros that I see with the 5G over my Photo would probably be:

  • the video of course!
  • lighter and smaller form factor
  • sleeker design

And the cons would be:

  • the price difference I’ll need to cover when I upgrade
  • time it’ll take me to re-organize and synch with the new iPod and my PC
  • the money I need to spend in terms of accessories for it (i.e. cover, fm transmitter, etc.)
  • accessories that used the top-connector would be absolete with it

I guess one major factor that needs to be addressed would be, “will I even enjoy watching a movie for 1-3 hours on a 2.5-inch, 320 x 240 pixel display?” Right now, I don’t think so. Just imagine holding your iPod and having it in a comfortable position were your neck won’t be sore after watching a movie. I just can not see any scenarios right now were this would be beneficial.

Besides, I just freaking went eBay crazy these past couple of days. They were mostly sporting good purchases consisting of the following:

  • Columbia 300 Ricochet Rebound Bowling Ball (14lbs. 3oz.)
  • Mizuno Crush 2 Baseball Bat (34 inches, 27 ounces)
  • Knobcuffs (for my bats)

Not to mention, I’m looking into investing into some serious glass for my photography addiction. Alas, technology… it gets better by the minute. I just hope people do as well.