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  • How to Be More Interesting

    Jessica Hagy offers the following advice, illustrations excerpted from her book “How To Be Interesting.” Source: Business Insider

  • Great… and Greater

    Great… and Greater

    Saw Jobs (the movie) finally. This thing is a good source of inspiration for creatives. One of the monologue’s that I still remember is the one that Matthew Modine said (portraying John Sculley in the screencap above): You can make a great product, but you have to convince people that what you’re selling is greater.…

  • Color Grading Film with VSCO Film

    [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/59440130[/vimeo] Tutorial on color grading film with VSCO Film, by Moetic Films. This one is using Aperture & Final Cut Pro X, but the concept should be general on whichever tools you use. There are more editing techniques and workflow help via VSCO Film’s support pages located here. Source: Moetic Films

  • Clarity

    As another year approaches, people over the World welcomes the new start; a “reset” that apparently is present in our lives much like a video game. At the stroke of midnight January 1st, all the the things we have done in the past year, flashback. These things cover acts of which we try to justify…

  • Inspiration — Eddie Huang of Baohaus

    Eddie Huang of Baohaus NYC, in his talk during Big Omaha 2012 (May 11) presented by Microsoft BizSpark. Pretty funny, and inspiring stuff. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQHBRFjNzpY[/youtube] Huang is a writer, chef, entrepreneur and TV personality based in New York City. He is best known as the chef and owner of BaoHaus, which has received critical acclaim and…