As another year approaches, people over the World welcomes the new start; a “reset” that apparently is present in our lives much like a video game. At the stroke of midnight January 1st, all the the things we have done in the past year, flashback. These things cover acts of which we try to justify as “doing things right”, but not necessarily “doing the right thing.” Those moments range from: what we ate; exclusive places we are at; pride for the home team and disgust for our rival’s; venting out people we don’t like or irked us; or debating politics (’nuff said); etc. But one common thing rings through, it isn’t about where we were; what exquisite meal we have consumed; what color-label we are getting wasted on; etc.—its who we are sharing those moments with.

So as the clock ticks to one of the most sought after events of the year, I wish you clarity. Clarity in choosing to do the right things; to grow stronger & wiser; to flourish with truth in your heart; and to share this contagious positive energy with those that you hold dear close, as well as will meet throughout this journey.