Tag: community

  • 6emeia Project

    Cool, very intriguing street art project based in Brasil.

  • Street With A View Project

    This is fun. Check out this community project which added something to the Google Street View of their street. The project was Street With A View. [youtube]sIDGyRO6w2o[/youtube]

  • Brightkite iPhone App

    Brightkite recently announced it’s iPhone App coming to the iTunes App Store soon. Here’s the video demo of the application: [vimeo]1984673[/vimeo] I have been using Brightkite along with Twitter for couple of months now since James has invited me to the service. It’s a darn impressive social networking application that uses Yahoo’s Fire Eagle which…

  • Flickr Updates Member Homepage

    After a couple of weeks in beta, Flickr’s newly redesigned homepage hits live. I like it. I have gotten used to the new stuff at least, and it proves to be successful in giving more info as well as finding things easier. To learn more to what has changed/new, you may watch the screencast here.

  • Ferris Bueller Parade Re-Enactment in NYC

    Anyone? Anyone? … Bueller?