6emeia Project


Cool, very intriguing street art project based in Brasil.

The 6emeia project was created and developed by the artists Anderson Augusto, also known as SÃO, and Leonardo Delafuente, also known as Delafuente. The duo live in the Barra Funda neighborhood of São Paulo where they began the project with the purpose of changing and transforming daily life.

The duo’s objective is to modify the means within which we all live, proposing a new way to view things by reflecting upon themes generated through creative and unusual works. Such modifications are made by painting storm drains, light posts, manhole covers and any other object which makes up the urban scenario.

With the painted storm drains, a new type of communication is proposed between art and the city as well as between art and the residents. Art then becomes within the reach and at the service of everyone. By looking with care at the most forgotten and indifferent objects, one can take in art in a new way. The painted storm drains are like colorful drops falling into animmense ash-colored canvass.

The work itself has been well received by the residents of the places which are painted, which affirms the fact that art does not always need to be viewed on the walls of galleries and museums.

In a tense-filled confusing city, the most prominent colors have long been gray and beige which is where the 6emeia duo enters the scene. Through their work, they bring a certain harmony to the passageways of the city with the use of color and in doing so, they bring life and good humor to all…

Source via 6emeia.