6emeia Project


Cool, very intrigu­ing street art project based in Brasil.

The 6emeia project was cre­at­ed and devel­oped by the artists Ander­son Augus­to, also known as SÃO, and Leonar­do Dela­fuente, also known as Dela­fuente. The duo live in the Bar­ra Fun­da neigh­bor­hood of São Paulo where they began the project with the pur­pose of chang­ing and trans­form­ing dai­ly life.

The duo’s objec­tive is to mod­i­fy the means with­in which we all live, propos­ing a new way to view things by reflect­ing upon themes gen­er­at­ed through cre­ative and unusu­al works. Such mod­i­fi­ca­tions are made by paint­ing storm drains, light posts, man­hole cov­ers and any oth­er object which makes up the urban sce­nario.

With the paint­ed storm drains, a new type of com­mu­ni­ca­tion is pro­posed between art and the city as well as between art and the res­i­dents. Art then becomes with­in the reach and at the ser­vice of every­one. By look­ing with care at the most for­got­ten and indif­fer­ent objects, one can take in art in a new way. The paint­ed storm drains are like col­or­ful drops falling into ani­m­mense ash-col­ored can­vass.

The work itself has been well received by the res­i­dents of the places which are paint­ed, which affirms the fact that art does not always need to be viewed on the walls of gal­leries and muse­ums.

In a tense-filled con­fus­ing city, the most promi­nent col­ors have long been gray and beige which is where the 6emeia duo enters the scene. Through their work, they bring a cer­tain har­mo­ny to the pas­sage­ways of the city with the use of col­or and in doing so, they bring life and good humor to all…

Source via 6emeia.

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