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  • A July Sunday in the Barrio

    Was looking outside the window and noticed that it’s going to be a gorgeous Sunday. So I decided to test out my new GoPro’s timelapse. First one I have ever done. I still have to figure out how to make a 127-degree FoV vs. this 170. Anyways, I have it take a photo every 30-seconds;…

  • Los Angeles Ramen Spots

    A year ago, I wrote about some ramen joints in LA. From that point to now, there has been a lot of development in Downtown LA, especially in Little Tokyo. After getting back from my “short trip” from Southeast Asia (Philippines/Thailand) recently, I headed straight to Hakata Ramen SSG.

  • Ica Peru Dune Buggy & Sandboarding

    In our short time in Lima, we were fortunate enough to book an adventure 1.5-2 hours away in the area of Ica. We headed east to a small oasis town of Lake Huacachina. There, we did this ^^ [vimeo][/vimeo]

  • Oyaji

    Some sushi, some biru, and some good ramen, originally uploaded by stechico. In the SF area? More specifically, in the Outer Richmond? Feenin’ for some izakaya, good sushi and ramen? This is the place to be for those near the Outer Richmond. Parking can be hectic but easy as well. I parked at the Legion…

  • The Inka Trail

    I had the opportunity to join a couple of friends some months ago, and travel south to the land of Peru. This country is rich in natural resources I tell you. The weather was nice. We were blessed with mostly partially-cloudy to sunny days in our time in the Andes. I could only imagine how…