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  • Madeleine’s Chocolate Cake

    Madeleine’s Chocolate Cake, originally uploaded by stechico. I just chowed on some of this Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake from Cafe Madeleine across the street. Oh man, sooo good but sooo bad. Yay, extra miles to run to make up for it. Damn.

  • Tuna Calculator

    Horry crap! I’ve been eating a can of sea-chicken per weeknight (vs. 2.5 of Light tuna per week). Damn you Costco! Find your safe dose here

  • Supa Gaijin!

    Almost forgot to upload whats left of the Japan photos from my SD400. I thought I would share this one as its hella-grip-uva-man-dude funny =) Now… memorize that image and play the following video: [youtube]mgymMQZEOso[/youtube] Damn haha… Belle and her bangin’ bangs! =P Oh the memories… PS. Found the vid through a blog called Japan…

  • Mammoth Mtn. Trip Photos Up

    Caren, Jenn and I left Friday, 3/31 around 2pm.ish from SF/Alameda. With rainy weather, Friday traffic, an avalanche, bathroom-breaks, multiple road closures and detours, etc… we finally manage to arrive at Mammoth Lakes Saturday, 4/1 around 6am. Being that we only had one day to board, I didn’t even sleep after taking the 13-hour-drive shift.…