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  • Coudal On Guerilla Marketing – Copy Goes Here

    Coudal goes wild with Copy Goes Here film release. The film was a joint-collab project with Veer. More information and production notes maybe found where Copy Goes Here was linked. “Let’s learn to read.” HA =) At first I thought their site got hacked. Go figure. These guys are good haha =) …damn creatives! For…

  • Great Weekend of Love

    Album link. *Liz and Joe’s Wedding (Saturday, November 5) *Jen and James’ Engagement/House-blessing Party (Sunday, November 6)

  • Reboot Mentions

    Day 4 of the Fall ’05 Reboot just brought more people activating their sites for everyone to wonder around and see. Mind you that these were freshly designed. Some are still lacking content but structure-wise, its there. A handful just have great innovation. Some seemed to bring in new techniques, as well as bring back…

  • Rebooted

    Let it be known that its All Saints Day today. That and I have finally and officially rebooted this blog to another life. Even though there are still some sub-pages being cranked out later down the week, it should be solid enough to get y’all through =)

  • Fleet Week 2005

    Album link. * * note: more pics later this week from USCGC Morgenthau Cruise on Monday, 10/10