Reboot Mentions

Day 4 of the Fall ’05 Reboot just brought more peo­ple acti­vat­ing their sites for every­one to won­der around and see. Mind you that these were fresh­ly designed. Some are still lack­ing con­tent but struc­ture-wise, its there. A hand­ful just have great inno­va­tion. Some seemed to bring in new tech­niques, as well as bring back old ones (i.e. ani­mat­ed GIFs). Any­ways, there are so many sites to see, but here’s a cou­ple that I real­ly like so far:

  • (Albert Tanu­ta­ma) — reminds me of the old ALA lay­out. I liked the way he has that quote up-top the head­er area. Its just there for every­one to see and agree.
  • andionet (Andreas Ort­ner) — I like the way he got the acces­si­bil­i­ty fea­ture on there. Just a great exam­ple of how it’s used to serve the design. BTW, I like his Reboot Awards’ cat­e­gories
  • Escape Crate (Antho­ny Casey) — talk about points of inspi­ra­tion. Check out how he came up with his Reboot’s design at an arti­cle he enti­tle, The Reboot Sto­ry.
  • viv­i­fied (Bas­ti­aan Ter­horst) — a well done blog­fo­lio. What else can I say but grids, grids and more grids. He total­ly just got ’em the way they’re sup­pose to be used. Also, anoth­er thing to check­out would be the way he layed out the com­ments sec­tion, it just reminds me of a resume lay­out.
  • Best Plots — now, I don’t know if this was just sub­mit­ted as a mar­ket­ing thing but I like the way it dis­sem­i­nates infor­ma­tion in an eye-pleas­ing way (at least for a busi­ness site).
  • Aval­on Star (Bryan Veloso) — what can I say? Its deli­cious. This one prob­a­bly engulfed lots of design hours. Check out the details. I’m just a bit con­fused about the arti­cles on the FP. But look­ing at it fur­ther, I guess the bot­tom-right box is a ran­dom past arti­cle. I just wished I coul­da known this in the begin­ning rather than try­ing to fig­ure things out as a new vis­i­tor. Any­ways, check out his fea­turettes. Inter­est­ing reads.
  • core­dreams stu­dio — diag­o­nals, glass effect, dark and neon green scheme… “web­de­sign is an art” indeed. Great use of CSS on the graph­ic­sme lay­out and thumb­nails. I like the sub­tle use of the page curls, with the excep­tion of the FP… just got a bit hap­py there =)
  • ash­web­stu­dio (Derek Ashauer) — nice design-stu­dio web­site. Also, a great exam­ple of a “Look Ma, No Tables!” design
  • Hiten Patel — sim­ple port­fo­lio site-lay­out. Good stuff and too the point.
  • Low End The­o­ry (Kristin Pish­da­di) — this one ain’t for those low-res mon­i­tors. She max­i­mized it all baby! Nice pho­tos. I like the way that she does a cus­tom head­er-image per arti­cle as well. That must take a lot of time, its so big… i.e. 650x135 500px-wide by some­thing. Mines only 366x122 usu­al­ly. Mean­while, great orga­ni­za­tion of con­tent. I just wished the num­ber of com­ments had text next to it. It seems to keep dis­ap­pear­ing in Fire­fox, and not even there on IE. Also, I wish she was a lit­tle more clear on the title of her site, or maybe its just me. She has “wiphey” on the page, then “Low End The­o­ry” as the title. Either way, check her blog and flickr gallery inte­gra­tion.
  • Lealea Design (Lea Alcan­tara) — wow. One of ones I real­ly, real­ly liked. Eye­can­dy. Kno’mean? Oh yah, its pink—but a cool use of pink. Nice col­or scheme—very vibrant, and catch­es your atten­tion right away. That’s good, it got me look­ing right away. Not only that, check out the way she wrote the code as well. Clean all around. Great stuff.
  • Matt Brett — anoth­er great Reboot. Anoth­er site that stood out for me, and his heav­i­ly favored on my list. Love the grunge. Even though it was punk­ish, he orga­nized it very well. Very well planned, designed and exe­cut­ed. And it shows. Great job Matt!
  • 45royale (Matt Downey) — just clean and easy on the eyes. Nice col­or scheme. Only thing I noticed when click­ing on the pro­file sec­tion, it seems that the back­ground of the con­tent area is a bit, tad late.
  • (Mit­ja Ribic) — unusu­al lay­out but it seems to work with col­or scheme and the use of ani­mat­ed GIFs. I com­mend his use of that old skool fea­ture. It just makes his design very inter­est­ing when you first view it IMHO. I just wish that he would­n’t have use pop­ups to dis­play his works. Then again, his con­tent area seems a bit small for them.
  • Ron­nieSan (Ron­nie Gar­cia) — love the way he has that tab on top of his image-head­er. I like the lay­out dis­plays con­tent effi­cient­ly. Sim­ple and clean. Only iffy on the logo. The “stamp” just does­n’t do his site jus­tice the way it is. Then again, maybe its just me, but I just think he has­n’t showed it to us yet. Any­ways, a very nice Reboot.
  • Per­son­al Devel­op­ment (Trevor Delam­orandiere) — “busi­ness, life, web stan­dards.” Not nec­es­sar­i­ly in that order but its just true when you are in “this” indus­try today. I like the col­or scheme and the sim­ple two-col­umn lay­out of his con­tent. Noth­ing flashy, just sim­ple and gets his con­tent out there right away.

Mean­while, there were some uni­form fea­tures that most sites reboot­ed with. I saw a lot of use of gra­vatars for their com­ments sec­tion. A hand­ful used SIFR but just the right amount of it. A good amount of the sites list­ed above used the live-pre­view func­tion encoun­tered when one posts a com­ment. And did I men­tion, the clean­ly cod­ed XHTML and CSS?

Well, there it is, just a cou­ple of the ones that led the pack. For me, its back to surf­ing for more stand­outs. I just wished that there was a bet­ter way to keep track of which sites I have vis­it­ed, rat­ed, etc. It seems that its by cook­ie when you’re logged in the css­re­boot sys­tem, and most of the sites I rat­ed were stored on my oth­er PC. Man oh man, I just have to note it down and mark it on the oth­er PC lat­er on again. Any­ways, should be good times. I wish to add more to these at a lat­er date. Here’s to hop­ing.


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  1. Pete

    Hi there,

    Many thanks for men­tion­ing my site! Very kind of you 🙂

    It was all designed and reboot­ed specif­i­cal­ly for Novem­ber 1st. Fed up with the old table lay­out 😉

    Thanks again!

    Pete (Best Plots)

  2. Kristin

    Thanks for the men­tion. I actu­al­ly took some of the things into con­sid­er­a­tion that you men­tioned and mod­i­fied a few things. It’s a work in progress I guess. Was quite a big hack of wp to get it to work 🙂