Rebooted November 1st 2005

Let it be known that its All Saints Day today. That and I have finally and officially rebooted this blog to another life. Even though there are still some sub-pages being cranked out later down the week, it should be solid enough to get y’all through =)

Anyways, while my creative juices might be somewhat flat these past couple of weeks (due to endless hours of playing sports, and keeping up w/ fantasy football leagues), it should start flowing… no, gushing out again.

Why is this? Because of a thing that started via a blog post when them flash-heads had too much fun. CSS Reboot, mmm mmm… taste the freshness. It’s something new for the web-standards community to look forward to. Again, I hope you like it. I fooled around with a different approach to the user-experience in contrast to my old blog designs. You’ll know it when you see it. Also, if you encounter any bugs or anything of that sort, please do holler—I’m always open to making things better.

Meanwhile, thanks to the people who visit and frequent the site. Not to mention, special salutation and recognition goes out to BenjaminAdam for heading the CSS Reboot stampede. I hope you spend less time organizing those reboot thumbnails, and more time sleeping and then enjoying the creativity of the community you helped awaken.

Regards and gracias mi amigos,
Sherwin Techico

PS. This is just a memo: “the things we think and do not say” are just the ones that we need to express and let out to the world. This is my train of thought. I hope you hop on it and enjoy the ride.