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  • So What’s New In May?

    Hey, hey, hey. May 1st has come and gone and those who have promised themselves to Reboot were either successful, or behind. One of the sites I’m curiously awaiting to check out is Bryan Veloso’s new rendition of AvalonStar.

  • @Media 2007 – Time to Learn More!

    I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by M.com/Monster Worldwide to attend @media 2007 up here in SF. @media: For forward-thinking web design and development professionals, @media, one of the world’s foremost and well received web design conferences, comes to the West Coast for the first time this May 24th and 25th. The unique presentations…

  • CSS Naming Convention for Classes and IDs?

    Well, just re-reading some of the current bookmarks in my bag. To note: Tantek’s 8 steps to serving better (X)HTML, and Rundle’s My 5 CSS Tips, step #5 specifically. I am trying to clean up and make things more efficient here at work. One goal would be to have a base CSS that will serve…

  • Rebooted

    Let it be known that its All Saints Day today. That and I have finally and officially rebooted this blog to another life. Even though there are still some sub-pages being cranked out later down the week, it should be solid enough to get y’all through =)