So What’s New In May?

Hey, hey, hey. May 1st has come and gone and those who have promised themselves to Reboot were either successful, or behind. One of the sites I’m curiously awaiting to check out is Bryan Veloso’s new rendition of AvalonStar.

So what the heck am I doing this early in the morning? I can’t damn sleep, and have been trying to figure out how to organize my shiznit a bit better. I have too much stuff going on (as usual), and need to complete tasks I have set in my to-do list. But it seems that that list just keeps getting bigger and wider (in terms of those URL-bookmarks).

Anyways, just wanted to catch-up with this writing-thingy-majig. Maybe someone out there can help organize things with some cool advise and/or referral gift =)

Speaking of which, here’s some cool things that have interested me in the past couple of days:

  • MacBook Pro – yeah, I’m a “switch-hitter” now
  • TextMate Basic Tutorials – this will probably change my development workflow for work and on-the-side
  • Compiling new “points of inspiration” from the Reboot-ed sites, new and old
  • … and the list goes on—but it seems that I should be catching some Zs now as I hear some people’s alarm clock going off; at least I think I’m hearing it

From my mind to yours, keep learning.