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  • Company SF Giants Gameday

    Album link

  • Flickr Yahoos!

    Stewart Butterfield, one of the smart people from Flickr, announced early this morning that you can now sign-in and have the option to integrate your Yahoo! account with Flickr. This is great stuff for those with Yahoo! accounts in that they don’t have to remember another login, for those that do that kind of stuff…

  • 10 Best Resources for CSS

    Looks like CSS has been slashdotted. I guess this is not a surprise, for me at least, since CSS is like milk for a chocolate, webpage-cake… Yah, you laugh now… “Geek”, you say… …I know man, WTF?! But hey, its a hobby; its part of new media design; its my profession and passion … its…

  • Photos From LV Uploaded

    I just got done fixing up and uploading the pics from LV this past weekend. They can be viewed over here.

  • Flash Tutorial: Flash Video Gallery

    Something for my to-do-list…