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Signin to Flickr using Yahoo account

Stew­art But­ter­field, one of the smart peo­ple from Flickr, announced ear­ly this morn­ing that you can now sign-in and have the option to inte­grate your Yahoo! account with Flickr. This is great stuff for those with Yahoo! accounts in that they don’t have to remem­ber anoth­er login, for those that do that kind of stuff any­ways. The only down­side, a tem­po­rary one, was that for peo­ple using third-par­ty Flickr API-based pro­grams (like myself) have to wait for the devel­op­ers to update them with the new authen­ti­ca­tion API.

The pro­gram that I use a lot would have to be by Jon Gilk­i­son called Flick­rIm­portr. I use it to do my uploads and set man­age­ment. I would say that its 10x bet­ter than Flick­r’s own Uploadr tool, at the moment.

Mean­while, as I keep say­ing, if you blog and recent­ly start tak­ing more and more pics with your dig­i­tal cam­era (point-and-shoot, phone and/or dSLR)… then Flickr is the way to go. Not to men­tion the great com­mu­ni­ty that it has. If you ain’t sold, then check out the qual­i­ty of pics Flickr pho­tog­ra­phers take via the Explore page.

Any­ways, good morn­ing and go Flickr!

PS. I won­der if Flickr would be adding that damn excla­ma­tion mark like Yahoo!‘s. Look­ing at it, it’ll be hard to be gram­mat­i­cal­ly cor­rect when you write about Flickr, specif­i­cal­ly when you describe some­thing from Flickr like Flickr!‘s web­site… its just plain wrong but so right with the cur­rent news. I need to wake up. Sor­ry for the non­sense ear­ly in the morn­ing. Good times =)


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  1. Faith

    Does yahoo own flickr now? In Yahoo’s TOS, they basi­cal­ly own every­thing you upload. Does yahoo own stuff I upload now?

  2. sherwin

    Well, based on Flick­r’s Terms of Use, they state the fact that “what’s yours is yours” near the Copy­right sec­tion. But hey, its Yahoo! … so we’ll see how that Terms of Use get inter­pret­ed by the cor­po­rate-moth­er­ship.