Responsive Web Design Process

As I’ve said recent­ly, there has been a surge of #RWD­process insights.

Just an overview, as I was review­ing my notes from years ago, led me to the same con­cepts that was shared by the web com­mu­ni­ty. Here’s some visu­als from Pon Kat­tera…

I like this overview but there are oth­ers as well, as men­tioned in Pon Kat­ter­a’s pre­sen­ta­tion:1

If you would like to get the lat­est update, fol­low­ing the top­ic on Twit­ter #RWD­process will get you there. Oth­er stuff to get famil­iar with to help your RWD Process are:

Saman­tha War­ren’s Style Tiles.


Style Tiles Word­Press Theme authored by Jesse Fried­man. Here’s Steve Fich­er demo­ing it:

Last but not least, more good­ies from Steve Fish­er:

I hope that helps. Remem­ber, we’re all fig­ur­ing this out.

Also found out anoth­er resource called “Style Pro­to­type” by Spark­box. You may read more about it, and down­load the files over here.

Fur­ther read­ing:

  1. You may down­load the full pre­sen­ta­tion here, or view it via Slideshare. []

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