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  • Selecting Typography Using OS X’ Preview

    Selecting Typography Using OS X’ Preview

    I set out to using free, open-source web fonts for a particular project lately. I’ve had bookmarked some articles a while back with some pretty cool combinations that will help the Design process move a long a bit faster. To name a few: Design Shack’s 10 Great Google Font Combinations You Can Copy Daniel Eden’s…

  • Color Grading Film with VSCO Film

    [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/59440130[/vimeo] Tutorial on color grading film with VSCO Film, by Moetic Films. This one is using Aperture & Final Cut Pro X, but the concept should be general on whichever tools you use. There are more editing techniques and workflow help via VSCO Film’s support pages located here. Source: Moetic Films

  • Responsive Web Design Process

    As I’ve said recently, there has been a surge of #RWDprocess insights. To my fellow web workers who couldn’t make it to Austin for #SXSW, be sure to read up on the current #RWDprocess (topic). #webdev #design — Sherwin Techico (@stechico) March 10, 2013 Just an overview, as I was reviewing my notes from years…