Rabbits on the Run” Album Cover

Inter­est­ing cov­er art from Vanes­sa Carl­ton’s lat­est album, “Rab­bits on the Run”. The illus­tra­tion on it caught my atten­tion.

I did some dig­ging around to find out who cre­at­ed it, which lead me to this blog site, Albu­mAr­tEx­change.

The art­work and art direc­tion for the win­ning album cov­er is cred­it­ed to illus­tra­tor, graph­ic design­er and ani­ma­tor Jo Rat­cliffe. A port­fo­lio of Rat­clif­fe’s work can be viewed on her web­site jocandraw.com.

Here’s a treat from Jo Rat­clif­fe’s site:

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