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  • “Rabbits on the Run” Album Cover

    “Rabbits on the Run” Album Cover

    Interesting cover art from Vanessa Carlton’s latest album, “Rabbits on the Run”. The illustration on it caught my attention.

  • “ill-ocano” — An Adobe Illustrator Warmup

    “ill-ocano” — An Adobe Illustrator Warmup

    I’ve been doing some experimentation with Adobe Edge this past week since it’s preview release on Monday. I figure to have a break, and do some exercises with Adobe Illustrator. Hence, the above: “ill-ocano”. The Ilocano or Ilokano people are the third largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group. Aside from being referred to as Ilocanos, from “i”-from,…

  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 Released Today

    It’s out! Another landmark day in the Creative world. Adobe Creative Suite 4 is shipping and in-stores early this morning. Adobe also announced that for a limited time, owners of: CS2, CS1, Macromedia Studio 8, Studio MX 2004, or Production Studio will qualify for up to $200 on eligible upgrades to CS4. This special offer…