Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down

Michael Iva’s man­i­festo, “100 Ways to Kill a Con­cept: Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down”.

So, you’ve got an idea. A big idea. But will your idea take flight? Not if you let your con­cept be killed by all the usu­al excus­es you hear from your man­agers, your boss­es, your spouses—excuses moti­vat­ed by fear or pos­ses­sive­ness. In this wide-rang­ing man­i­festo, Iva offers you ways to per­suade some­one to embrace your idea, to not be swayed by neg­a­tive respons­es, and to uti­lize your cre­ativ­i­ty.

Here’s a list of cir­cum­stances that usu­al­ly fol­lows up once a con­cept is con­ceived:

  1. The boss won’t go for that.
  2. The lawyers won’t go for that.
  3. The accoun­tants won’t go for that.
  4. The client won’t go for that.
  5. The sales­peo­ple won’t go for that.
  6. The investors won’t go for that.
  7. So and so won’t like it.
  8. It’s not us.
  9. It won’t fit into our sys­tem.
  10. We’re not ready for that yet.
  11. I don’t think it will work.
  12. I don’t under­stand.
  13. Do you under­stand?
  14. Will any­one under­stand?
  15. What will they think of next?
  16. It’s polit­i­cal­ly incor­rect.
  17. It’s too com­pli­cat­ed.
  18. It’s too late for that now.
  19. It’s too expen­sive.
  20. We’ll lose mon­ey.
  21. Why?
  22. What!?
  23. Who says?
  24. nobody will want that.
  25. Where are you com­ing from?
  26. It can’t be done.
  27. Have the com­mit­tee review it.
  28. Let’s do more research.
  29. Let’s take a vote on it.
  30. Let’s play devil’s advo­cate.
  31. I’ve nev­er heard of such a thing.
  32. We’ve already tried that.
  33. That’s been done before.
  34. It’s not how we do things here.
  35. We’ve nev­er done any­thing like that.
  36. We’ll get back to you.
  37. That’s a sub­ject for anoth­er meet­ing.
  38. It cre­ates more prob­lems than it solves.
  39. Sounds like too many prob­lems.
  40. That only solves some of the prob­lems.
  41. That’s going to cause prob­lems.
  42. Here we go again.
  43. That’s unique, but…
  44. Very inter­est­ing, but…
  45. I under­stand, but…
  46. I love it, but…
  47. Great idea, but…
  48. Yes, but…
  49. Sounds sim­ple, but…
  50. But…
  51. It’s just not for us.
  52. Try again.
  53. That sucks.
  54. needs more piz­zazz!
  55. I don’t like it.
  56. Have you thought it through?
  57. It won’t sell.
  58. Maybe next time.
  59. Anoth­er day.
  60. What are peo­ple going to say?
  61. Peo­ple will think we’re nuts!
  62. That’s BS.
  63. Be real­is­tic.
  64. How about this instead?
  65. Get a grip!
  66. Are you seri­ous?
  67. That turns me off!
  68. The client is too lib­er­al for that.
  69. The client is too con­ser­v­a­tive for that.
  70. What else do you have?
  71. So!
  72. So what?
  73. Oh…
  74. Oh?
  75. Oh, real­ly!
  76. Get real, it’s not fea­si­ble.
  77. Sounds crazy!
  78. nobody does that.
  79. Are you kid­ding me?
  80. That’s too off the wall.
  81. You can’t argue with suc­cess.
  82. You can’t fight City Hall.
  83. We don’t have time to do it.
  84. Let’s not reach beyond our grasp.
  85. We’re overex­tend­ed already.
  86. Let’s wait ‘til we see the num­bers.
  87. You’re propos­ing what?
  88. Let’s not rock the boat.
  89. Silence.
  90. Laugh­ter.
  91. Boos.
  92. Where did that come from?
  93. I’ve got a bet­ter idea.
  94. Hey, there’s a reces­sion going on.
  95. We’ve nev­er done any­thing like that.
  96. The press will kill us.
  97. That’s not your deci­sion to make.
  98. We’ll step on too many toes.
  99. Just leave it to me; I’ll take care of it.
  100. You could lose your job for that…

Most of those sound famil­iar? I bet.

You may read more about the man­i­festo and/or down­load the PDF ver­sion here. Inter­est­ing indeed.

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