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  • Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down

    Michael Iva’s manifesto, “100 Ways to Kill a Concept: Why Most Ideas Get Shot Down”. So, you’ve got an idea. A big idea. But will your idea take flight? Not if you let your concept be killed by all the usual excuses you hear from your managers, your bosses, your spouses—excuses motivated by fear or…

  • Keep Remixing! It’s The Future.

    Filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers. Watch “RiP! A Remix Manifesto” here on Hulu. PS. If you haven’t yet, download Girl Talk’s All Day here for FREE!

  • Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far by Stefan Sagmeister

    I was interested enough to check this out from a TED newsletter. Pretty interesting TED Talk by Stefan Sagmeister. Stefan Sagmeister is no mere commercial gun for hire. Sure, he’s created eye-catching graphics for clients including the Rolling Stones and Lou Reed, but he pours his heart and soul into every piece of work. His…

  • Google’s Project 10^100

    [youtube]NgSRwOZtDQ8[/youtube] Project 10100 is a call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible. Here are the points in order to participate: Submit your ideas by October 20th. You may do so by using this submission form. Voting takes place on January 27, 2009. Google will be picking the top…

  • Google Chrome’s Logo Inspiration from Pokemon?

    As I was trying to confirm my hunch about Chrome and the Pokemon ball looking the same, I ran into a search result in Flickr which led me to Cole Henley‘s image above. Awesome. I am not alone ((Although, I don’t know about the Simon Says part but it wouldn’t hurt.)).