18 Year Old Invents SMS-Based Car Anti-Theft System

Rock­et­boom Field Cor­re­spon­dent Ruud Elmen­dorp speaks with Mor­ris Mbet­sa, the 18 year old inven­tor of a sys­tem that allows you to mon­i­tor your car via SMS.

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I’m hop­ing iPhone devel­op­ers get some ideas from this tal­ent­ed young man, and extends it with the GPS fea­ture on the iPhone. This can be a gold-mine of an appli­ca­tion. Imag­ine, an anti-theft sys­tem that can con­trol, locate and secure your car. In case of theft or lost of the iPhone, the appli­ca­tion itself would have to be tight­ly-secured either via by thumbprint recog­ni­tion, eye-scan and/or voice-sig­nal recog­ni­tion. To bet­ter visu­al­ize what I’m try­ing to say with regards to that iPhone app, think Tomor­row Nev­er Diescar chase scene were James Bond (Pierce Bros­nan) con­trols the car remote­ly:

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