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  • Inspiration – Karmin, Crash Your Party on the Radio

    In the spirit of awesome reactions, how would you react hearing your song on the radio for the first time? Here’s how Karmin experienced their moment. [youtube]aebWvUMOB4E[/youtube] Also, diggin’ that track. Can’t wait to hear more from this duo. And for everyone else on the grind, keep on—chase dreams!

  • Fix Full Screen Issues by Video Embedder WordPress Plugin

    If you are having problems trying to display an embedded video(s) in your posts like me, then this might help you out. I usually embed videos from Hulu, Vimeo and YouTube mostly. But it’s been a problem trying to have the latter 2 display in fullscreen mode. For Vimeo, the fullscreen icon/grpahic displays on the…

  • LeBron James’ Game-winning Shot

    This was simply amazing. The shot would definitely be up there with other legends of the game. Here is LBJ‘s game-winning shot versus the Orlando Magics during literally the last second of Game 2. ((NBA Eastern Conference Finals on Friday, May 22, 2009.)) [youtube]nXC-rT7gcE8[/youtube] Daaamn—check out that torque! A turn-around, fade-away 3-pointer a couple of…

  • Bike Hero

    This probably took a long time to do, but its one creative and fun short. The video was inspired by the newly released game, Guitar Hero: World Tour. Good job madflux. [youtube]NlMYWuGUZlM[/youtube] PS. You can grab Guitar Hero: World Tour via Amazon.com.

  • Whassup? Crew Goes Political

    It’s been 8-years since their Budweiser commercial but the “Whassup?” crew are back. They made this political spin-off of their famous one ((Here’s the original Bud version.)). [youtube]Qq8Uc5BFogE[/youtube] Thanks goes out to Ryan for pointing this out.