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  • Chevy Sonic Marketing “Stunts”

    Car + Bungee? Why not. Car + Sky diving? Might as well. Here are some new marketing “stunts” (literally) for the Chevy Sonic.

  • Pagani vs. Lamborghini

    Sick! This was shot and produced for the game, “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit”. Check it out. [youtube]q9SH7b9jTV8[/youtube]

  • How You Like Me Now?

    How You Like Me Now?

    Always dug that KIA 2011 Sorento commercial; backed by the music “How You Like Me Now?” of The Heavy. I guess “the like” is coming from a well-picked audio piece that accentuates the character of not only the commercial, but the KIA Sorento’s playful/active and family-oriented lifestyle. Anyways, enough reading and more watching/hearing, here’s the…

  • Toyota iQ “Nimble As A Mouse” Campaign

    Cool campaign by Toyota iQ. “To demonstrate the agility of the compact Toyota iQ, the car was turned into a mouse. This meant it was able move a cursor on a giant screen and operate a desktop computer. Before a live audience the Toyota iQ did all the things a normal mouse does, just on…

  • Lexus LFA

    Lexus LFA

    Source via Lexus.