Inspiration – Evgeny Kiselev

Evgeny Kiselev, originally uploaded by stechico.

Man oh man… I’m diggin’ the works. Truly one of the gifted artists I draw inspiration from, Evgeny Kiselev:

The diverse work of Evgeny Kiselev oscillates between the rigors of symmetry and prolific excess. Several compositions begin with vivid tiled patterns that are mirrored again and again until they can no longer be contained and are forced to push beyond the confines of their logic. Others, emerge from a single outline that manifests the controlled lawlessness of the work. Each piece achieves a complexity of color and layer that continues to build infinitely into the space of the page creating a warping spatial depth.

Here are some of Evgeny Kiselev’s pieces that I dig of the bat (click thumbnails to view larger versions):