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  • Andy Gilmore’s Kaleidoscope

    Andy Gilmore’s Kaleidoscope

    Unique. Colorful. Patterns. Wonderful. Just some words that can be used to describe his visuals. But that’s the thing, those are just “some words.” You’ll have to see for yourself and feel what you may feel personally from them.

  • Inspiration – Evgeny Kiselev

    Evgeny Kiselev, originally uploaded by stechico. Man oh man… I’m diggin’ the works. Truly one of the gifted artists I draw inspiration from, Evgeny Kiselev:

  • Apple Introduces New iPod Nanos

    Apple Introduces New iPod Nanos, originally uploaded by stechico. Apple introduced its new fourth generation of iPod Nanos today in 9 flavorful colors. Here are the features that set it apart vs. its predecessors ((Paraphrased from Apple Insider article.)): Colors of course! Silver, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, (PRODUCT) RED and black. Built-in audio…