Apple Introduces New iPod Nanos

Apple Introduces New iPod Nanos, originally uploaded by stechico.

Apple introduced its new fourth generation of iPod Nanos today in 9 flavorful colors. Here are the features that set it apart vs. its predecessors ((Paraphrased from Apple Insider article.)):

  • Colors of course! Silver, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, (PRODUCT) RED and black.
  • Built-in audio recording features.
  • “Genius technology” which automatically creates playlists from songs in your music library that go great together, with just one click.
  • UI/UX improvements with the help of the accelerometer. This allows it to behave like the iPhone/iPod Touch between switching from Portrait to Landscape modes.
  • Improved 24 hours of music playback or four hours of video playback.

I just wonder if its still necessary to buy the Nike+ piece since this new Nano now have an accelerometer built-in. If any, they should modify the Nike+ piece to work with an iPod 1GB+ Shuffle; which will be tempting for me to buy and use when running. Better yet, just a standalone Nike+ piece that can sync on its own to the Nike+ site.