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  • Inspiration – Illustrations of Andreas Preis

    German-based illustrator, Andreas Preis, “has worked for a variety of clients, including Adidas, DC Comics, ESPN Classic, NIKE, and more.”

  • Blend Textures In Your Instagram Photography

    Blend Textures In Your Instagram Photography

    If you are looking to add a bit more extra (or explore a bit) with your Photography, specifically with Instagram, read on. It took me a while to track down these sources so I hope they help you find more creative ways in using Instagram; and in the process, learn and grow more with your…

  • Andy Gilmore’s Kaleidoscope

    Andy Gilmore’s Kaleidoscope

    Unique. Colorful. Patterns. Wonderful. Just some words that can be used to describe his visuals. But that’s the thing, those are just “some words.” You’ll have to see for yourself and feel what you may feel personally from them.

  • Kapitza Geometric Book

    Kapitza, an independent Design company based in East London, recently published their new book entitled, Geometric. Geometric is a unique pattern resource book featuring an exciting collection of 264 colourful and monochrome pattern illustrations. Get inspired by Kapitza’s pattern art, all created with the 100 Geometric pattern fonts included on the CD for Mac and…

  • Nixon Modical Rotolog Watch

    Cool, unique watch that I saw while browsing. Get precision timing in Nixon’s Modical Rotolog Watch with latest style sporting a funky patterned enamel coating. Whether your steeze is hip-hop or punk the Modical’s custom 30 meter stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal caseback and stainless steel straps show Nixon’s top of the line craftsmanship…