Happy Thanksgiving and Damn You Amazon Customers!

Happy Turkey Day! It’s been one hectic day already. I don’t know if you have heard about Amazon.com‘s new gig, Customers Vote, but I heard it first from Ryan earlier this week. He noted it because of the Xbox 360 deal for only a low-down-and-dirty $100 (core system). That’s about a $200+ saving from its MSRP.

Anyways, it was one exciting and disappointing morning at the same time. Not only was the deal advertised on Amazon.com’s homepage, but it was everywhere! I mean everywhere as in: radio, vlogs, blogs and maybe even on TV. There were only 1,000 units for the deal, and that ain’t a lot. In terms of internet-store for a deal this great, that’s less than a second or two in terms of the deal’s lifetime.

Anyways, enough of my stats talk. I guess the reason why I was so upset in not getting one (other than I can make a quick $200 or more on ebay if I sell it) is that I got a new toy. I was hoping to use the money from the Xbox to feed this new crack, or at least make it free for me so I wouldn’t feel bad about spending some money on “nonsense” items. Then again, it is from Costco.

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