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  • The Best Wee Ninja Ever

    Awesome! Let me present to you the one and only, best Wee Ninja ((Wee Ninjas are based of the game that was recently released in this past October, Ninja Town.)) =) PS. If you prefer to buy Ninja Town on Amazon, go here.

  • Ninja Town

    This is cool… not only because it has something to do with Ninjas haha. I think Shawnimals did a good job designing their Ninja Town characters, world, etc. The site is colorful, animated and simple as well.

  • Happy Thanksgiving and Damn You Amazon Customers!

    Happy Turkey Day! It’s been one hectic day already. I don’t know if you have heard about Amazon.com‘s new gig, Customers Vote, but I heard it first from Ryan earlier this week. He noted it because of the Xbox 360 deal for only a low-down-and-dirty $100 (core system). That’s about a $200+ saving from its…