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  • vBulletin and Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility

    If you are experiencing some display issues in IE8 with your vBulletin-based forums (and/or general sites), you might want to try adding the following meta-tag in your HEAD section: … … You may get more info about this meta-tag and issues that might be connected with IE8’s strictness at the IEBlog, and/or via this Microsoft…

  • I’m a PC – Tron Guy

    [youtube]QPON5i7Iivw[/youtube] Man… this guy is awesome—”Tron Guy” ((Also known as Jay Maynard.)). Funny for the outfit, but admirable for his guts wearing it.

  • Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ads

    It seems that Microsoft finally released its first video ad starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. It’s called Shoe Circus. [youtube]uz6amk3P-hY[/youtube]

  • Paper Airplanes

    Quite an addicting flash game. I, myself, got a personal best of 62.864m 114.734m. Try it, and let me know your best! PS. If you want to get off the addiction, go here instead =)

  • Happy Thanksgiving and Damn You Amazon Customers!

    Happy Turkey Day! It’s been one hectic day already. I don’t know if you have heard about Amazon.com‘s new gig, Customers Vote, but I heard it first from Ryan earlier this week. He noted it because of the Xbox 360 deal for only a low-down-and-dirty $100 (core system). That’s about a $200+ saving from its…