Guess Who’s Back?

Just got back from SoCal this morning. I flew Southwest since they have a good rewards program. That, and I can fly to either Burbank and/or LAX airports near home-home.

Anyways, its been a long time since New Year’s that I’ve seen home-home. The weather was great. It was around the cool 70’s the whole weekend. Although, it was drizzling a little bit Friday morning but the clouds scattered and made room for some great sunshine.

Meanwhile, it was great to see friends and fam. Friday night was a “Tacky Fundue” party at Belle and Cicely‘s pad.

Fruits, vegetables, chocolate, sausage, chips, cheese… you name it—it all god dipped. That, some Atomic Bomberman four-play and some Twister made the night a non-stop action event. Too bad the city of San Gabriel makes you get a parking permit for $3.00 if you ain’t a resident.

Then came Saturday. It was Cat‘s little shindig, celebrating her graduation from ICO/Chicago. Congrats Dr. El Gato, and welcome to the real world!

Besides the great food and company at Cat’s new pad in East Chula Vista, it was an early night to turn in. Belle, Cicely, Jay, Jovan and Lou were about to wake up early to go to the Mud Run. So Ry and I just went back to the hotel with them.

Fast-forward a bit. There were a lot of participants come to think of it. I expected it to be somewhat smaller but was just proven wrong. I guess it just grew throughout the years since its inception.

Meanwhile, the race was split into two categories, one for individuals and the other for teams. The overall winner finished his 10k-run around 46 minutes! This guy was fast. We saw him zoom by at the start, and finish right away when Ryan and I walked towards the last obstacle course.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Definitely a great event to go to, shoot and cheer on friends and runners a like. I’m looking forward to doing it next year with more peeps. As usual, the more the merrier.

I Love Mud

From my mind to yours, just because its San Diego doesn’t mean that the weather doesn’t cool down to the low 50s. Stay classy, San Diego.