Back Up North By Southwest

Damn, that was one rough flight coming into OAK. Don’t do it again SW, or… NO SOUP FOR YOU! (I’ll update this entry later today, sooo tired from the weekend… lots of stuff to write about. Good times.)

I flew down this past Thursday night by SW. Seems that they were delayed by 30. But oh well, I got to do online checkin and got sat with group A—yayer! First time I actually got to sit with that group, as its usually C and a couple of times in B. I just dont like sitting in the back cause by the time you get your drink (for an hour flight) you’re already landing.

Fast-forward to Saturday
Woke up pretty late, as late as 11am. Yah I know, thats pretty early for a Saturday but I’ve been getting up pretty consistently around 8am on the weekends for some reason unknown. Got ready and went with my bro to his band’s practice in the valley. Man oh man, it was freakin’ nice, warm weather. Its been a while since I have worn shorts and actually felt comfortable to wear throughout the whole day and night. But yah, these suckers are crazy when they practice. I took some documentary of it as well.

Meanwhile, 5:30pm rolls around so fast that we were in a rush to get back because of Tinz’ hula recital (which was first-come first-serve seating). I guess its really true when you’re having fun, time flies. And as a characteristic of LA, good ol’ fashioned traffic (plus smog of course). Oh LA traffic, how I miss thee…

I finally got home to change a bit. Might as well, so I can just go straight to the club right after. But yah, I really wanted to take pics of Tinz’ show but couldn’t cause there was this huge ass doods with sarongs(?). Kinda like the ones that are on those “hawaiian power” shirts. Yah man, aloha to you too brotha. Furthermore, the stage was really damn close to us, thanks to the patience showed by BelLou.

It was Jevon, Juanaton, Tommy, Ryan, Jovanhorne, Cicely, Jay, BelLou, and I attending. I swear, we were like the press—a camera per individual. Even though they were strict about the camera, Lou managed to get some cool pics since he got the great seat—right up the middle and away from the “muscles” to see. Besides that, I learned that you can use nylon (from underwear) to make the harshness of the built-in flash of dSLRs softer. I am labeling that thing as a “flashdom”—kinda like a condom but for flash, keepin’ it safe from overexposure-titis. And who better to teach me this? Yes, its him, Confucious reincarnated… Juanaton. I tell you, those “flashdoms” are gonna be a great hit.

Feel the Aura
The hula thing went well, kinda reminded me of PCN but no “Celebration” song. I was glad somewhat that it was done as it took a long time to finish. The head guru (I guess) planned giving out the raffle stuff at the end; which dragged for more than 30+ minutes or so. I was stepping on it to go back home cause I left a battery for my camera.

But alas, I got to the Rhythm Natives‘ album release party and show @ Aura Nightclub in Studio City. I was stressing out cause it was daaamn packed. The line was extended prolly a good 100 feet; and that aint single-file. I freakin’ just paid $11 for VIP parking since I know I ain’t drinking cause of meds. Got out quickly with all my gear and proceed to call T (my bro’s gf), which didn’t pickup… thanks. So I rushed through the back and made my way inside. First time I’ve ever done that; got lucky cause there weren’t any bouncers when I went through.

I took quite a lot of pics, or tried too. It was way packed inside, more than I was expecting for a gig like their usual ones. I tried taking clear pics but that was a prayer since I had no clear sight to take a good exposure on. But anyways, I got a handful showing how great of a show it was. If you haven’t heard any of their stuff, you can go to Go and support, they’re really good—surprisingly.

Besides hearing that Lil’ Wayne was there, we saw JC Chasez with a couple of hot ladies. Didn’t really get to take a pic of him, I shoulda cause I just remembered that Gwen like that dood (if I can recall). But yah, he had some weird haircut—I think it was a mullet.

Great Weekend
Got to see the doods/doodettes from Irvine, the fam and catch another RN gig—a band on the come up, I swear! And oh yah, got to eat one of my favorite late night spots—Sanamluang! Man oh man, can you say “mmm mmm good” in Thai?!

From my mind to yours, support my bro and his band—the Rhythm Natives.