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  • Back Up North By Southwest

    Damn, that was one rough flight coming into OAK. Don’t do it again SW, or… NO SOUP FOR YOU! (I’ll update this entry later today, sooo tired from the weekend… lots of stuff to write about. Good times.) I flew down this past Thursday night by SW. Seems that they were delayed by 30. But…

  • can you DIGABLE?

    looks like DP is gonna put some new shows (which i recommend everyone to go to)… let me know if you’re thinking/wanting to roll to one (or a couple). i can just tell you that its more than your money’s worth! ps. here’s the pics from the last DP show @ the el rey theatre…

  • Average Joe

    What’s the point?!?! Damn. Sometimes you think that things might be different this time around. But for some reason, the same bullshit just keeps happenin’. I guess some people just don’t see the grand picture… damn. I feel for Adam. Damn.