Volkswagen, Greenpeace, and The Force

Since I just came from my nephew’s Star Wars themed birth­day party at the park ear­lier today, I fig­ure there’s no bet­ter time to post this.

If you recall early this year, there was this com­mer­cial that Volk­swa­gen thought of by using The Force. It went some­thing like this video.

YouTube Preview Image

Then, with the homie Keno’s help, I came upon the lat­est ones in the series. Well… don’t know if it is or not but it would make sense. But this time, it was in part­ner­ship with Greenpeace.

Here is “Part 1″ per se of the new campaign.
YouTube Preview Image

And last but not least, “Part 2″ is here.
YouTube Preview Image

Mean­while, what­ever you drive, may The Force be with you!

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