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  • Zomato’s “Two Kinds Of People” Illustrative Series

    These are awesome, and puts a smile on my face. Possibly because the love for Food. Good job to the team behind them.

  • Mountain Dew’s Living Portrait Campaign

    I drank some Mountain Dew when I was younger, till the likes of Red Bull/5-hour Energy came about. I remember Mountain Dew as that was in Tom Cruise’s “Days of Thunder”. Remember that movie? Anyways, I’m digging this campaign by Mountain Dew, entitled “Living Portrait”, showing of the brand’s All-Stars. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmIWdXrnBIaruFt5OTYmJY6VmbgoS9ERm[/youtube]

  • Nike #SummerIsSerious Campaign

    Diggin’ these campaign videos that Nike has been putting out. The headliner is Kevin Durant; with a bit of help from James Harden. Both athletes of course are stars, not only on the court but off. I like how the play the game. They stay humble, and let their game talk for itself. Monsters. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR2mc-YimnS6EI1o86p3YqiMYKznS09I4[/youtube]

  • Volkswagen, Greenpeace, and The Force

    Since I just came from my nephew’s Star Wars themed birthday party at the park earlier today, I figure there’s no better time to post this. If you recall early this year, there was this commercial that Volkswagen thought of by using The Force. It went something like this video. [youtube]R55e-uHQna0[/youtube]

  • Star Wars x Adidas 2011 Fall/Winter Lookbook

    Star Wars x Adidas 2011 Fall/Winter Lookbook

    Nice and humorous campaign from Star Wars x Adidas for their Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook. Hans does the laundry. A Wampa mows the lawn. Vader works as a crossing guard.