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  • Freebord’s Downhill Neon Video Game

    Pretty cool Freebord viral. 36 Freeborders took over an SF street at night to create a Tetris-like game using neon-lit puzzle pieces. Check it out here. [youtube]Fwvc6fmXmuY[/youtube]

  • Durex – Get It On Ad Campaign

    This is probably PG-13 but dang, it sure is funny and creative. Check out Durex’ latest commercial, “Get It On“. [youtube]6RbFdFgrsUE[/youtube] Source via Fubiz.

  • Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant Obama Campaign Posters

    Shepard Fairey (“Obey Giant“) and the Obama Hope image was featured Wednesday night on CBS News with Katie Couric. Here’s the segment. [youtube]1q_tFP0j9C4[/youtube] Here’s the infamous HOPE image (aka. “Obama is Hope”), along with others that Fairey created before (and after) the historic election day this past Tuesday, November 4, 2008:

  • Printable Political Halloween Masks

    In celebration of Halloween, You the Designer and UPrinting.com have created 4 political masks just in time for Friday night fun! These fun political mask designs can be easily printed and cut out so you can support or make fun of your favorite political star! Here’s a preview: Click on the candidate’s name below to…

  • Hollywood Says Don’t Vote

    With the countdown to probably one of the biggest choices Americans are going face in the years to come, the Presidential Elections will be here in no time. In an effort to get the word out for people to vote for their future, Declare Yourself ((Declare Yourself is the national nonpartisan, nonprofit voter initiative aimed…