Inspiration — Sipho Mabona Origami

Sipho Mabona

Ever won­der what else you can do with paper that you just trash and/or shred? Well— take a look at Sipho Mabona’s cre­ativ­ity and be amazed by his art.



Here’s an award-winning project he did for ASICS, Origami In the Pur­suit of Per­fec­tion.1

Check out more of his cre­ations via his port­fo­lio site, or his Flickr pho­to­stream.

  1. The movie won a Grand Prix at the Eurobest, gold at the New York fes­ti­val, gold at the Lon­don Inter­na­tional Awards, sil­ver at the Clio in Miami and two times bronze at ADC Germany.

    Direc­tor: Tim Schier­wa­ter (Nord­pol+ Hamburg)
    Art Direc­tor: Sean Kirby (Nord­pol+ Hamburg)
    Pro­ducer: Flo­rian Liertz (elemente-e Production)
    Ani­ma­tion: André Junker, Chrisof­fer Wolters (Nform)
    Stop­mo­tion: Kathrin Albers, Jim Lacy (Stoptrick)
    Origami Artist: Sipho Mabona / Mabona Origami []


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  1. Eyal


    Your tiger origamy is beautifull!
    Can we get the fold­ing instruc­tions, we are will­ing to pay for that.


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