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  • Inspiration – Sipho Mabona Origami

    Ever wonder what else you can do with paper that you just trash and/or shred? Well— take a look at Sipho Mabona‘s creativity and be amazed by his art.

  • Muji Chronotebook

    This Chronotebook from Muji is a fresh concept. It was designed by Wong Kok Keong (Orcadesign, in Singapore) and won a Judges’ Prize in Muji’s International Design Awards #2 (May 15 to July 31, 2007). Diary schedules are arranged in lines and grids, which are difficult to see and has little flexibility. This notebook makes…

  • Paper Airplanes

    Quite an addicting flash game. I, myself, got a personal best of 62.864m 114.734m. Try it, and let me know your best! PS. If you want to get off the addiction, go here instead =)