ABC Refuse to Run Repower American Ad

After the pres­i­den­tial debate last night, most high pro­file chan­nels ran ads from oil com­pa­nies (ABC had Chevron, CBS had Exxon, and CNN had the coal lobby). Notic­ing that there’s some­thing a bit off, the We Cam­paign1 is flag­ging ABC to recon­sider their actions for refus­ing to run the Repower Amer­ica ad (below) last week2.

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ABC recently refused to run our Repower Amer­ica ad, even though they run ads from oil com­pa­nies that mis­lead the Amer­i­can peo­ple about the role fos­sil fuels play in the cli­mate crisis.

They recently started a peti­tion and sent out a mes­sage ear­lier this afternoon:

Our Repower Amer­ica ad has a clear and sim­ple message—that mas­sive spend­ing by oil and coal com­pa­nies on adver­tis­ing is a key rea­son our nation hasn’t switched to clean and renew­able sources for our energy.

The peti­tion is to “send a mes­sage to ABC and tell them to air the Repower Amer­ica ad this Fri­day on 20/20.” The We Cam­paign is work­ing on get­ting 100,000 pub­lic com­ments to ABC before 20/20’s next air­ing. They are cur­rently (at the time of this post­ing) near 25,000 mark.

You can get more info, sign the peti­tion, view the ad, etc. by going to:

PS. Here’s the script from the ad:

The solu­tion to our cli­mate cri­sis seems simple.
Repower Amer­ica with wind and solar.
End our depen­dence on for­eign oil. A stronger economy.
So why are we still stuck with dirty and expen­sive energy?
Because big oil spends hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars to block clean energy.
Lob­by­ists, ads, even scandals.
All to increase their prof­its, while Amer­ica suffers.
Break­ing big oil’s lock on our government …
Now that’s change.
We’re the Amer­i­can peo­ple and we approve this message.

  1. The We Cam­paign is a project of The Alliance for Cli­mate Protection—a non­profit, non­par­ti­san effort founded by Nobel lau­re­ate and for­mer Vice Pres­i­dent Al Gore. The goal of the Alliance is to build a move­ment that cre­ates the polit­i­cal will to solve the cli­mate crisis—in part through repow­er­ing Amer­ica with 100 per­cent of its elec­tric­ity from clean energy sources within 10 years. Our econ­omy, national secu­rity, and cli­mate can’t afford to wait. []
  2. The ad that takes on the same oil and coal lobby. []

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